Alopecia Totalis Scalp Pigmentation

hair restoration treatment using head and scalp tattoo with dramatic transformation that simulates real hair growth for men and women suffering from alopecia totalis hair loss condition.

Alopecia Totalis usually results in complete loss of hair and can be a very devastating experience for the sufferer. This medical condition can happen to men, women as well as children.

As of now, there is no cure for alopecia totalis. Also, there are few known treatments for this type of hair loss condition. Most patients simply have to resort to wigs or hair pieces in order to camouflage the baldness.

While scalp pigmentation procedure does not actually generate regrowth of real hair, it can be a life changing treatment for the patient. Scalp pigmentation can simulate the illusion of real hair on the patient's head, unlike wearing wigs or hair pieces, the results from scalp pigmentation is extremely natural and virtually undetectable. In the long run, this type of treatment is a lot less expensive than wearing wigs which require constant maintenance and cleaning.

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