Dr. Rashid Hair Clinic

offers most advanced FUE hair transplant procedures at his Mosaic Clinic hair transplant center, surgical hair restoration clinic facility at 2401 Yale St, #2a, Houston, TX 77008.

Why Choose Dr. Rashid?

Did you know Rashid M. Rashid has both an M.D. and a Ph.D. One of the few Hair Physicians in the country to hold both doctoral degrees. He is also Board Certified by the ABD, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (F.A.A.D)

At the time when this is published, Dr. Rashid is the only Hair Physicians to have received national awards from:

  • The American Medical Association (AMA)
  • The American Collage of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

In addition, Dr. Rashid has over 4 dozen peer reviewed published manuscripts published in top rated national & international medical journals.

Difference between Dr. Rashid's Team
and other clinics

Other clinics - operated by professionals with varying degrees that can use the title "Doctor."

Dr. Rashid's Team - led by a physician with 2 doctor level degrees, M.D and Ph.D., a rarity in the hair transplant industry.
Other clinics -  operators are trained in backgrounds of family medicine and the such.

Dr. Rashid's Team - headed by a Dermatologist, a specialty with strong inherent training in cosmetics and aesthetics. As a matter of fact, the first modern hair transplant was developed by a Dermatologist.
Other clinics - do procedures about one week a month and alternate procedure staff locations to try to stay busy.

Dr. Rashid's Team - do procedures every week of the month.
Other clinics - finance their operations with banks and investors, they pass on these financing costs to their patients in the form of higher prices.

Dr. Rashid's Team - do not finance with intermediary groups or banks in order to bring in patients. This means lower operating costs and there is no need to raise the price in order to cover the clinic's costs, all savings are passed onto the patients in the form of lower prices.
Other clinics - fly in technicians and sales people between clinics, passing on the cost of lavish hotels for staff and transportation for the staff on to you and your costs.

Dr. Rashid's Team - 100% in-house. Costs are kept low, no need to raise hair transplant prices to cover unnecessary costs.
Other clinics - traditional strip procedures require a sharp scalpel, stitches, strong pain medication, and a line scar is produced.

Dr. Rashid's Team - minimally invasive FUE, no scalpel, no stitches, no linear scar. No strong or general pain medication is required.
Other clinics - traditional strip restoration often requires stitches from ear to ear, and these stitches sit for 2 weeks sometimes.

Dr. Rashid's Team - no stitches required under FUE method.
Other clinics - most hair transplant physicians do not have one peer reviewed scientific paper published.

Dr. Rashid's Team - over 70 peer reviewed publications including major national and international academic scientific publications.
Other clinics - most hair restoration center physicians only have one doctoral degree and no publications or national recognition.

Dr. Rashid's Team - Dr. Rashid has 2 doctoral degrees , and MD and a PhD, as well as awards from national societies such as the American Medical Association (AMA).
Other clinics - most hair transplant groups are 1-2 doctors covering multiple cities to try to stay busy.

Dr. Rashid's Team - focusing on just one city. No roaming doctors, no roaming techs, no high travel overhead to pass on to the patient.
Advertising on TV, radio, and other outlets can be very expensive. The cost is often passed on to the patient At Dr. Rashid's clinic, they busy without such excess, and the savings are passed on to the patient. Quality can be provided without hype and a public show of increased perception/awareness.

Some restoration advertising is for locations that do less the 10 cases a year. This results in the need for higher prices to cover down time, and makes it difficult to maintain experience staff with refined skills.

Dr. Rashid's hair transplant center has a dedicated in-house restoration team. They are constantly using their already refined skills right here in Houston and using the Neograft FUE machine.

FUE is a very difficult and highly skilled procedure. Achieving the exact number of targeted grafts that are intact/viable with a bulb is not always possible. Some places magically always "hit" the target number, and you will be charged for anything/everything they implant regardless of the graft status. However, Dr. Rashid's Team performs detailed careful counts and examination of our grafts. Dr. Rashid does not charge by the number of grafts extracted, they charge by the visibly acceptable grafts that we implant.

Patients are advised to learn about these details when you obtain quotes.