Neograft FUE Hair Transplant

clinic in Houston Texas operated by renowned hair restoration specialist Dr. Rashid helping hair loss sufferers who desire cutting edge technology for hair restoration and hair replacement.

Neograft Automated FUE Hair Transplant
reprinted with permission from and at the request of Dr. Rashid

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Most people know about FUE and understand why it is a more advanced technique for hair transplantation and how it completely changes the landscape in hair transplantation worldwide. FUE allows hair transplantation to be performed without using scalpel or stitches. It is many times less invasive and traumatic for the patient, healing time is just a fraction of what it would be under traditional strip technique.

As a dedicated practitioner of FUE hair transplant, Dr. Rashid takes FUE to the next level by using the revolutionary Neograft in his practice to automate the process of donor extraction. While FUE has its many advantages, it is still a largely manual process that is extremely tedious, labor intensive and demanding for the doctor performing the operation. Fatigue is quite often a problem that can lead to higher transection rates and errors in donor the extraction process, compromising the yield and eventual hair regrowth that one would normally expect from the hair transplant.

With Neograft automated FUE graft extraction device, the surgeon or technician is no longer at the mercy of a highly mechanical and labor intensive process that lends to mistakes and inconsistencies.

The NeoGraft® machine has an angled instrument that allows the physician/technician to remove the follicle without cutting the follicle. Unlike the traditional method, the automated method isn’t dependent on the skill set of the technician.