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ak hair clinics facial hair transplant india
AK Clinics Facial Hair Transplant India

AK Clinics facial hair transplant India with clinic facilities in Delhi, Ludhiana and Bangalore. The procedure is available to both men and women who require facial hair restoration. Both local patients from India and abroad are welcome.

What is Facial Hair Transplant?

Eyebrow, eyelash, moustache, goatee, beard, sideburns

Facial hair transplant is presently the fastest growing segment of hair transplantation. When we talk about hair transplant, most people associate that with treatment for individuals with baldness. With the advance of new hair transplant techniques such as FUE and BHT, facial hair transplants become a reality.

Facial hair transplants refer to the restoration of facial hair. This includes restoration of eyebrows, eyelash, moustache, goatee, beard and more. This segment of hair transplantation was seriously under served about a decade ago. But with the introduction of FUE and BHT, things changed. FUE & BHT make it possible to perform facial hair transplants efficiently and effectively.

Demand for facial hair transplants skyrocketed in recent years. Both men and women express interest in this type of procedure. Some are seeking this treatment to camouflage existing scars on their face while others simply want to enhance their overall appearance.

ak clinics facial hair transplant india

What can Facial Hair Transplant Accomplish?

The importance of facial hair cannot be overstated because first impression starts with our facial expression. Below are some of the common objectives for facial hair transplantation.

  • To achieve a specific look or features for cosmetic reasons or appeal. For example, to look like a movie star.
  • Camouflage birthmarks, acne scars or scars resulting from accidents.
  • Restore eyebrows or eyelashes that are lost due to over plucking.
  • Enhance density of beard, moustache or sideburns.
  • Create facial hair that previously did not exist.

Facial Hair Transplants: the Procedure

Facial hair transplant is less invasive than scalp FUE transplant. The surgery is usually on a smaller scale because normally it requires few donor grafts than scalp hair loss. Very often, 1 session is all that it takes to restore one's facial hair. The donor grafts for facial hair transplants can come from leg hairs, nape hairs or even scalp. There are usually little to no visible scarring after the procedure.

Dr. Kapil Dua and his team are one of the few experienced clinics in India for facial hair transplantation. Prices for the procedure vary depending on number of grafts required and other factors.

Fill out the form on this page or email us to see if you are a good candidate for facial hair transplants in India. Dr. Kapil Dua and his team can inform you the number of grafts required, treatment details and approximate cost during the consultation. Consultation is free and can be arranged in person, by phone or by email.

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