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  • FUE

    Follicular Unit Extraction


    No shave FUE, minimal downtime


    FUE with Platelet Rich Plasma & other growth factors


    FUHT Strip hair transplant

  • PRP

    Platelet Rich Plasma cell therapy

  • DHI

    Direct Hair Implant, minimize graft damage


    Robotic FUE

  • BHT

    Body hair to scalp transplant


    Eyebrow restoration


    Eyelash restoration


    Moustache, goatee, beard restoration


    Hair transplant repair

  • SMP

    Scalp Micropigmentation


    Hair regrowth via stem cell building blocks


    Hair follicle stem cells banking

About AK Clinics Hair Transplant

AK Hair Transplant Clinics India were founded by hair transplant surgeons Dr. Kapil Dua together with Dr. Aman Dua. For almost a decade, AK clinics have established itself to be one of the most prominent players in the field of hair restoration in India. With clinic facilities in Delhi, Ludhiana, Bangalore, AK Clinics have served countless men as well as women with hair loss and thinning hair not only in India but also patients from around the world.

Great Results At Affordable Cost

AK Clinics' philosophy is "Great results at affordable cost". Price is always a determining factor for most people when it comes to hair restoration treatment. It is AK Clinics' belief that a good quality hair transplant shall not be out of reach for most people. AK Clinics' ultimate objective is to help every patient restore his or her confidence and self esteem by providing treatments that are affordable to the general public.

Always At The Forefront
Multi Modal Approach

AK Clinics pride itself to be always at the forefront in hair restoration technologies. Unlike most other clinics that adopt a one-treatment-fits-all approach to hair restoration, AK understands that hair loss is a very unique experience. As a result, there is no one treatment that will work for all types of hair loss.

While hair transplant procedure may be the answer for some, it may not be the ideal solution for others who prefer not to have to go through surgery in order to restore his or her hair.

In order to accommodate the widest spectrum of hair disorders and conditions, AK is in a constant quest to acquire the latest in hair restoration technologies. The goal is to ensure that their patients can benefit from the widest range of treatment possible. Very often, it takes a combination of 2 or more therapies from different disciplines in order to yield the best results for some patients.

At the time when this is published, AK Clinics offer more variety in hair loss treatments than any other clinics in India currently featured on HairSite. Among some of the advanced treatments available at AK Clinics are:

⇒ FUE hair transplant
⇒ FUT follicular unit transplant
⇒ Strip scars repair
⇒ Bio-FUE trademarked treatment involving growth serum
⇒ Bio-DHT involving PRP Platelet Rich Plasma
⇒ BHT body hair transplant
⇒ Non surgical artificial hair replacement
⇒ Hair Gain therapy
⇒ Low Level Laser therapy
Facial hair transplant
Platelet Rich Plasma PRP therapy

We strongly encourage you to go through the AK Clinics' photo results. You too will be impressed by their commitment and dedication to quality.


Please note that info presented herein are provided by courtesy of AK Hair Clinics. We do not guarantee the completeness of information published here. Please contact AK Clinics directly for the most current and accurate details. In addition, there is no guarantee when it comes to hair restoration. As with all treatments, it is best to do thorough research and consult your own physician before proceeding.

Dr. Kapil Dua & Team - AK Clinics

dr kapil dua hair transplant india

Dr. Kapil Dua hair transplant India and his team of dedicated medical professionals are the backbone for every treatment performed at AK Clinics in Delhi and Ludhiana. After all, the quality of a hair transplant procedure is only as good as the doctors and medical professionals performing the surgery. Here, you will learn more about the credentials and background for the entire Team at AK Clinics that are responsible for your hair restoration results.

Dr. Kapil Dua Hair Transplant Credentials

Dr. Kapil Dua hair transplant surgeon co-founded AK Hair Clinics along with Dr. Aman Dua in 2008. After almost a whole decade of hard work and commitment, Dr. Kapil Dua has established AK Clinics to be among the best known in India for hair restoration with an entire team of experienced in-house medical professionals and technicians.

At the time when this is published and according to AK Hair Clinics, Dr. Kapil Dua has performed well over 1500 successful surgeries. In addition, Dr. Dua is responsible for transplanting over 3 million grafts with a low wastage or transection rate of only 3% according to AK Clinics. Dr. Kua is also a recognized figure in the world of hair restoration representing India on the Council at International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Furthermore, Dr. Dua had also served as the Program Director for one of ISHRS Regional Workshops.

Dr. Aman Dua - AK Clinics

dr aman dua hair transplant indiaDr. Aman Dua  is the Co-Founder & Managing Director at AK Clinics and has been an invaluable asset in establishing AK Clinics as one of the premiere names in hair restoration in India. With over 14 years of clinical and teaching experience in the fields of Dermatology and Hair Transplant, Dr.  Aman Dua is also an aesthetic dermatologist consultant at Dayanand Medical Hospital where she had served as Assistant Professor..


Dr. Renu Kothottil - AK Clinics

dr renu kothottil hair transplant indiaDr. Renu Kothottil, Dermatologist at AK Clinics has over 4 years of experience in the field of aesthetic dermatology and hair restoration. She completed her MD in Dermatology from the prestigious Madras Medical College and her undergraduate degree in medicine from Thrisur Government Medical College, Kerala.



Dr. Lokesh Kumar - AK Clinics

dr lokesh kumar hair transplant indiaDr. Lokesh Kumar, Director & HOD Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Head, Division of Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Lokesh is a seasoned cosmetic surgeon in Delhi with over 26 years of experience in the field.  He established the department of Plastic surgery at Apollo Hospital health care institution in India. and has a special interest in Cosmetic surgery which constitutes majority of his practice.



Dr. Monica Chahar - AK Clinics

dr monica chahar hair transplant india

Dr. Monica Chahar, Dermatologist at AK Clinics has over 3 years of experience in the field of aesthetic dermatology and hair restoration. She completed her MD in Dermatology from the prestigious Madras Medical College and her postgraduate degree from Indraprastha University, Delhi. And undergraduate from govt medical college, Amritsar.

PUBLICATIONS: Dhali TK, Chahar M, Haroon MA. “Phototherapy as an effective treatment for majocchi's disease- A Case Report”.An Bras Dermatol. 2015 Jan-Feb;90(1):96-9. Chahar M, Dhali TK, D'souza P. “Multifocal Tuberculosis Verrucosa Cutis”. Dermatol Online J. 2015 Jan 15;21(1).

Dr. Nirav V Desai - AK Clinics

dr nirav desai hair transplant india

Dr. Nirav V Desai serves as Dermatologist at AK Clinics. He has over 4 years of experience in aesthetic dermatology and hair restoration. He completed his DNB-DVD at the apex institute Dr.Dhepe’s SkinCity, Pune accredited by Nation Board of Examination-Delhi, famous for providing training in various Laser procedure and Dermato-surgeries to many dermatologist across the world.
RESEARCH: Prospective, Comparative Study of diode laser and Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser in respect to their safety & efficacy for the laser hair removal in Indian skin. First of its kind study intended to evaluate the effectiveness and safety issues associated with 2 different low level laser therapy treatments.


FUE Hair Transplant at AK Clinics

FUE hair transplant AK Clinics India

FUE hair transplant India is available at AK Hair Clinics with surgical and trichology facilities in Delhi, Ludhiana and Bangalore. For the past decade or so, FUE has gradually become a must-have for every hair restoration clinic in India. Nowadays, it is impossible for any clinic to stay competitive or remain in business if FUE is not part of the services they offer to their patients with hair loss.

What is FUE 

What does FUE stand for?  Follicular unit extraction. It was first introduced by Dr. Ray Woods in Australia over a decade ago. It is a ground breaking protocol to transplant hair without relying on the old fashioned strip technologies. Strip hair transplant harvest donor follicles by removing an entire strip of hair bearing flesh from the back of the patient's skin. It is therefore called strip transplants. Needless to say, the procedure is very traumatic for the patient. Strip patients are prone to side effects and complications. Stitches is a must for every strip procedure. In addition, patient will have a permanent linear scar across the back of their heads after the procedure.

The new FUE technique completely changes the way how donor follicles are harvested. The procedure is micro-surgical, requires delicate skills and expertise. Instead of removing an entire strip of flesh from the patient's scalp, FUE harvests donor by micro-surgically remove one follicular unit at a time in the patient's head. FUE hair transplants are very labor intensive for the doctor and his team. However, it is minimally invasive for the patient when compared to traditional strip method.

FUE hair transplant in India nowadays is commonly referred to as the minimally invasive, stitches free hair transplant.

FUE Hair Transplant India at AK Clinics

What is special about FUE hair transplant at AK Clinics? First off, it is one of the very few FUE clinics in India who have openly published patient results in our community.

Training. According to AK Clinics, they are one of the leaders in the world of hair transplantation. Not only does AK Clinics perform FUE hair tranplants for their patients, they also provide FUE training to educate the next generation of hair transplant doctors in India and abroad.

Low transection rate. Furthermore, AK Clinics's assurance that their remarkably low transection rate of 3% or less is another great advantage AK has over other clinics. Transection rate means the rate where donor follicles are destroyed during the donor harvesting process. Naturally, the lower the transection rate, the better it is for the patient.

Graft handling. Graft handling process is another factor to consider when choosing a hair transplant clinic. According to AK Clinics, their team of medical professionals always strive to ensure that the amount of time a graft stays outside a patient's body is minimal. The reason is because each graft represents a precious organ. It is vital to ensure that the graft is subject to a minimal amount of trauma outside the patient's body. In other words, the less the time a graft spends outside a patient's body, the better it is for graft survial.

Graft count. As with all ethical clinics worlwide, graft count is treated seriously. The medical team at AK Clinics will meticulously count and account for each graft that has been harvested and planted for the patient. This is to ensure that every patient is indeed getting what they pay for. While this may seem like a trivial and fastidious routine for some clinics, an ethical clinic will never sideline or marginalize this important quality control for every procedure.

Bio FUE Hair Transplant - AK Clinics

bio fue hair transplant ak clinics india

Bio FUE hair transplant India now available at AK Hair Clinics with facilities in Delhi, Ludhiana, Bangalore and Chennai. Dr. Kapil Dua founded AK Hair Clinics together with Dr. Aman Dua about 10 years ago. For over a decade, AK Hair Clinics have aggressively pursued the latest in hair restoration treatment. Bio FUE hair transplant is one of the advances introduced and trademarked by AK Hair Clinics.

What is Bio FUE Hair Transplant?

Before we get into Bio FUE, let's first familiarize ourselves with FUE. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a hair transplant procedure for the treatment of hair loss and baldness. Most doctors nowadays consider FUE the replacement for traditional strip hair transplant techniques.

The advantages of FUE are many. It is minimally invasive, requires no stitches and does not leave a linear strip scar in the patient's head. In addition, healing time is faster with FUE. Also, under the hands of a skilled surgeon, FUE can allow the patient shave their head without showing visible signs of scars.

bio fue ak clinics

What is Bio FUE?

Think of Bio FUE as an enhanced or improved version of FUE hair transplant. The goal is to super charge FUE results by integrating certain cell based growth factors with the surgical procedure. The enhancement will be in the form of improved yields and growth rate.

Specifically, the doctors at AK Hair Clinics use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in the process. PRP is a form of blood plasma. It is the key ingredient that make up the growth factors in Bio FUE. Doctors obtain Platelet Rich Plasma by first drawing a small amount of blood from the patient's own body. Then, the blood will be placed in a centrifuge in which the platelets will be separated. Optimum centrifugations conditions would include aspects such as the speed, temperature and the time. According to AK Clinics, "once the cells have been derived, other important aspects come into play, because the cells need to be injected with specially designed tools and the depth into which they are injected are also important."

At the time when this is published, AK Clinics is the only clinic from India that has officially used PRP as a treatment for hair loss in conjunction with hair transplant.

A Word of Caution

Although PRP appears to be a promising advancement in hair restoration, the treatment is largely experimental at this stage. Not every person responds the same way to PRP treatment. In addition, AK Clinics cannot guarantee that the treatment will work for every patient. While the treatment is considered safe by most professionals, there might still be chance of undesirable side effects. Please do thorough research before proceeding.

Body Hair Transplant (BHT) at AK Clinics

Body hair transplant India is available at AK Hair Clinics. Clinic locations include Delhi, Ludhiana, Bangalore and Chennai. AK Hair Clinics is presently one of the featured clinics on HairSite. Its flagship clinic's address is at M-20, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi, India 110048.

body hair transplant ak clinics india

What is Body Hair Transplant?

First off, let's clarify the terminology. Body hair transplant also goes by the acronym BHT.  Sometimes there is a misconception that body hair transplant means giving certain parts of your body new hair growth. For example, men who were born without chest hair may desire to change that aspect of their body.  However, this is not what our discussion here is about. For our purpose, body hair transplant means restoring scalp baldness using follicles donor from body parts. As a result, body-hair-to-scalp transplantation is probably a more appropriate term for our discussion.

For simplicity sake, we will continue to use body hair transplant or BHT for our discussion here.

Why Body Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the process of removing permanent donor follicles from one part of the scalp and transplanting them to balding areas. In order for hair transplant to work, we need donor follicles. Needless to say, the most natural donor source for hair follicles is scalp or head donor.

Unfortunately, we all have limited supply of donor follicles in our scalp. Whatever we have at birth is whatever we have.

Before BHT is possible, the only donor source is from our scalp or head. If the patient has insufficient donor follicles from their head, there is not much a doctor can do. However, everything changed when body hair transplant became a reality.

With body hair transplant techniques, doctors are now able to tap into body grafts as an additional source of donor supply for patients. While body donor is not as perfect as head donor, they are nonetheless extremely valuable for patients with depleted head donor.

Typical body donor sources are beard, chest, arms, legs and in some rare instances even pubic hair can be a donor.

Hair Transplant Repair & Body Hair Transplant

Although body grafts donor do not appear as natural as head donor, they are excellent as fillers to improve existing hair density. Another great attribute of body hair is that they are excellent for repair patients.

Most doctors use body grafts donor as a last resort. This happens a lot for repair patients. Patients who have had bad hair transplants before often find that their head donor severely exhausted already.  Without donor from body hair, there is no chance for repair for these patients.

Considering Body Hair Transplant?

Considering body hair transplant? Not every person is a good candidate for this treatment. Contact Dr. Kapil Dua and his medical team for a free consultation. They can advise if BHT is appropriate for your needs, treatment details and approximate cost. Use the form on this page or contact us by email.

Hair Transplant Cost - AK Clinics

Hair transplant cost Delhi India guide presented to you by HairSite together with cost information by courtesy of AK Hair Clinics.

With a population of well over 25 million people, Delhi is the 2nd most heavily populated city in India (after Mumbai) and among the top 3 cities in the world with the most population. As the capital of India and with such a dense population, Delhi is by far one of the most competitive cities for hair transplant clinics in the world. In addition to local demand for hair transplant procedures, the recent spur in medical tourism has also drawn in a huge demand from patients overseas. It is not uncommon to see prices for hair transplant surgery in Delhi are quoted in US dollars.

Price vs Quality

The typical price vs quality debate affects hair transplant procedure just like it does with other products and services. The most commonly asked question is of course whether a higher price necessarily brings you a better quality hair transplant. There is no easy way to answer this question because there are way too many factors or variables involved. But the short answer is: not necessarily.

Hair Transplant Cost Delhi: Long Term vs Short Term

It would be a huge mistake to think that hair transplant cost is just one static number. You pay the price, get the procedure done and end of story. That is hardly true at all when it comes to hair transplantation. The problem is that hair loss is a progressive condition. Until such time when a baldness cure is discovered, we will continue to lose more hair as we grow older regardless of whether we have had hair transplant procedures before or not. So bear in mind that for most people, one hair transplant is rarely enough. If you are lucky, you will simply need touch-ups and small maintenance sessions occasionally after your first surgery. That is the good scenario. However, if you are one of the unlucky ones who have made a bad decision for your first surgery, then you will be paying for repair procedures for many years or decades to come. So the bottom line is that your FIRST procedure is extremely important. It will set the tone as to how much you will end up paying in the long run.

Choose Once, Choose Wisely

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, your first procedure is of paramount importance. Choose wisely and you will save yourself tons of money in the long run. Choose poorly and you will be paying for repair procedures for the rest of your life. In Delhi, a more expensive hair transplant does not necessarily bring you better quality. The key is to do very thorough research before making a decision. Instead of basing your decision on price alone, try to look for clinics that have been able to establish a long history of openly published patient results with consistency over an extended period of time. The reason is that this type of clinics have a proven record of delivery consistent results and will therefore minimize the possibility of bad results that leave the patient paying for repair sessions for many years to come.

Hair Transplant Cost Delhi: the Factors

It would be nice if there is just one price for every patient but unfortunately there are many factors and variables that can affect hair transplant cost in Delhi India. Some of the factors that may have an impact on price and cost include:

  • Choice of hair transplant technique: FUE is generally more expensive than FUT Strip;
  • Number of Grafts: a higher graft count may get you a discount on a per graft basis;
  • Repair: repair sessions are generally more expensive than transplants on a new virgin scalp;
  • Donor Source: scalp donor is generally less expensive than donor from other parts of the body;

Hair Transplant Cost Delhi India at AK Hair Clinics

Transparency is important and at AK Hair Clinics. Where possible, AK Hair Clinics will make every effort to offer patients a general idea of hair transplant cost at the initial consultation. Generally, costs start at around 90,000 rupees or approximately US $1,500. Cost can go up to approximately two lakh rupees or approximately US $3,450. Again, the actual cost varies depending on many factors and can only be determined accurately during a consultation.

Hair Transplant Cost Delhi India Reference

Below is a general reference guide of what you may expect to find when it comes to hair transplant cost in Delhi. It is customary to quote hair transplant cost based on number of grafts.

  • 1,000 to 1,500 grafts: approximately 30,000 to 65,000 INR in 1 session;
  • 2,000 to 3,000 grafts: approximately 60,000 to 145,000 INR in 1 session;
  • 4,000 to 5,000 grafts: approximately 120,000 to 225,000 INR in 1 session;

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