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Dr. Kapil Dua Hair Transplant India & Team

Dr. Kapil Dua hair transplant India and his team of dedicated medical professionals are the backbone for every treatment performed at AK Clinics in Delhi and Ludhiana. After all, the quality of a hair transplant procedure is only as good as the doctors and medical professionals performing the surgery. Here, you will learn more about the credentials and background for the entire Team at AK Clinics that are responsible for your hair restoration results.

Dr. Kapil Dua Hair Transplant Credentials

Dr. Kapil Dua hair transplant surgeon co-founded AK Hair Clinics along with Dr. Aman Dua in 2008. After almost a whole decade of hard work and commitment, Dr. Kapil Dua has established AK Clinics to be among the best known in India for hair restoration with an entire team of experienced in-house medical professionals and technicians.

At the time when this is published and according to AK Hair Clinics, Dr. Kapil Dua has performed well over 1500 successful surgeries. In addition, Dr. Dua is responsible for transplanting over 3 million grafts with a low wastage or transection rate of only 3% according to AK Clinics. Dr. Kua is also a recognized figure in the world of hair restoration representing India on the Council at International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Furthermore, Dr. Dua had also served as the Program Director for one of ISHRS Regional Workshops.

Please see below profiles and credentials for other doctors and professionals at AK Hair Transplant Clinics.

Dr Aman Dua

dr aman dua hair transplant indiaDr. Aman Dua  is the Co-Founder & Managing Director at AK Clinics and has been an invaluable asset in establishing AK Clinics as one of the premiere names in hair restoration in India. With over 14 years of clinical and teaching experience in the fields of Dermatology and Hair Transplant, Dr.  Aman Dua is also an aesthetic dermatologist consultant at Dayanand Medical Hospital where she had served as Assistant Professor.

Dr. Renu Kothottil
Dr. Lokesh Kumar
Dr. Monica Chahar
Dr. Nirav V Desai
Aman Bansal


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