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non surgical hair replacement india at AK ClinicsNon Surgical Hair Replacement India

Non surgical hair replacement India available at AK Hair Clinics with facilities in Delhi, Ludhiana, Bangalore and Chennai. The treatment is available to both men and women with hair loss or thinning. AK Hair Clinics is the first ever featured Indian clinic on HairSite that offers both surgical hair transplant and non surgical hair replacement treatments.

What is Non Surgical Hair Replacement India?

There are different terms people use to describe non surgical hair replacement. Some people call it hairpiece while others call it hair system or hair replacement system. It is similar to wearing a wig to a certain extent but with huge differences. A wig is something that is ready made; you purchase one at a store and wear it. However, hair replacement system requires a lot of customizations and specifications in accordance to the customer's hair loss pattern. In order to achieve the most natural results, a custom fitting is usually necessary. The goal of a hair replacement system is to integrate as much as possible to the customer's own hair or pattern of hair loss.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement India - the Process

The process starts with measuring the extent of hair loss that requires treatment. Once the technician has obtained the measurement, the customer can request other parameters such as hair length, hair color and hair texture etc. Once all the details become available, technicians at AK Hair Clinics will send the specifications to the hairpiece or hair system manufacturer to customize a unit for the customer. It can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks for the hairpiece manufacturer to deliver the unit. Once AK Hair Clinics has received the unit, the technician will contact customer to schedule an appointment for the custom fitting. Custom fitting normally takes just 1 day at most and the customer can start wearing his new hairpiece.

non surgical hair replacement india measurement

Non Surgical Hair Replacement: the Advantages

Non surgical hair replacement is a type of hair loss treatment that requires no surgery, no drugs, no medications. The treatment works for both men and women as well as children who are experiencing baldness. Customers can request any hair length, any hair color, any hair texture or hairstyle. In addition, customers has the luxury of changing their hairstyle whenever they want.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement: the Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage to non surgical hair replacement is that fact that the hair is not your own natural growing hair. Hair system wearer can sometimes be conscious that others may detect that it is not real hair on your head.

Another big disadvantage is the maintenance and cleaning routine. In order to look natural and to maintain proper hygience, hair system wearers must regularly remove the unit for cleaning. The cleaning routine can be very time consuming because the wearer will also need to re-attach the unit to his head.

Non surgical hair replacement system may seem affordable in the beginning. However, it is very expensive in the long run. The unit does not last forever. Depending on usage, you will need to replace the hair system every 2-3 years. Maintenance and cleaning involves purchasing special cleaner, tapes or adhesives. The cost is even more prohibitive if you decide to go to a specialty salon for cleaning and re-attachment.

In order to attach the system properly, customers will also need to shave a portion of their scalp. Shaving the scalp allows the adhesives to attach more securely. Many people who just started losing his or her hair do not feel comfortable with the idea of having to shave their heads.

Choose Wisely

There is no one treatment that works for all types of hair loss. A lot depends on the extent of your hair loss as well as your goals and expectations. The best way to start is to contact us for a free consultation. This way we have a better idea of the treatment options that are available for your needs.

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