Follicular Unit Hair Transplant

micrografting hair restoration by Dr. Jeffrey Epstein at his Miami and New York City hair clinic for men and women with hair loss and thinning hair. Consultation office also available in Tampa Florida.

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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein's patient
before and after photo of follicular unit hair transplant procedure

*Transplanting of follicular unit micrografts is the most commonly chosen hair restoration procedure. When performed by a Foundation for Hair Restoration™ hair transplant specialist, this technique results in hairlines that both look and function naturally, with minimal interference in lifestyle. Hair grafting has been performed for more than 30 years, but it is only in the past five years that technological advancements, as well as a greater appreciation of hairline aesthetics, have truly made the results of this procedure virtually undetectable.

Since 1993, the surgeons have been using only the most modern techniques, which includes the removal of only a single strip of donor hairs from the back of the head with each session, plastic surgery closure of the donor area resulting in a single fine line from where the hairs were removed, proper hairline placement, and the use of exclusively micrografts and, in select patients, minigrafts. Since 1999, Dr. Epstein has been a leader in the most modern technique of microscopic follicular unit grafting. By taking hairs from the back of the head from areas that are not susceptible to ever going bald, and transplanting those hairs into bald or thinning areas on the top and front of the head, a permanent and natural-appearing full head of hair can be attained using the individual's own hairs.

Each follicular unit micrograft contains one to three, occasionally four hairs. Usually a combination of these different sized grafts is used in the hair restoration, with the one-hair grafts going up front in an irregular pattern along the hairline, and the two- and three- hair grafts placed further behind to create more density. To attain the most natural result each graft contains a single follicular unit, the collection of usually two to three hairs all within a tiny bunch, which is the way that hair grows in most individuals. By transplanting using follicular units, the way hair grows naturally, the results of the hair transplantation are virtually undetectable.

Click Follicular Unit Hair Transplant to see before and after photos from patients who had follicular unit micrografting hair transplant procedures performed.

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