Dr. Nigam 's

hair multiplication or stem cell hair multiplication procedure meets with tough scrutiny from HairSite forum members, a relentless Q&A session with Dr. Nigam exposes plenty of insights for the hair loss community to digest.

Stem cell or cell based hair multiplication procedure is the treatment or potential cure that men and women with hair loss have been hoping for. Doctors or companies with claims that are too good to be true is almost a norm in our forum.

In late 2012, Dr. Vivek Nigam from Mumbai India became an instant celebrity in our community as a result of the claims he made about stem cell hair multiplication procedure at his clinic.

Before anyone proceeds to approach Dr. Nigam's clinic for  treatment, please be advised that at this point we know very little about Dr. Nigam's hair multiplication procedure, and have seen very few results. Readers are cautioned against the legitimacy and safety of the treatment.  As a starting point, it is best to spend some time understanding Dr. Nigam's claims and request proof of concept, meet with actual patients, and wait for consistent results over an extended period of time before making a decision.

Here's our stem cell hair multiplication Q&A with Dr. Nigam that may shed some insights on his stem cell hair multiplication procedure:

Dr. Nigam's Donor Doubling Hair Restoration procedure is unproven with a lot of unknowns, this is for information purpose only in order for us to learn more about the legitimacy of his technique and is not an endorsement of the procedure by HairSite. Below is a reprint from Dr. Nigam's website and is not endorsed or approved by HairSite by any means. Readers are invited to raise questions concerning the validity of this new unproven technique with very limited patient results. Do not proceed with a procedure until you have learned of all the facts and potential side effects associated with the procedure.  

Questions raised by HairSite's forum members

  • StinkySmurf - Can you tell us the average number of injections for a Hair Multiplication session and the average number of new hairs that grow as a result of each injection?
  •  Neveragain - It sounds like this is experimental hair multiplication, whatever Dr. Nigam is doing is still unproven and with no consistent results, am I correct?
  • Mell - Could you try plucking hairs from the donor site and dipping them in the hair multiplication cell growth solution then implant them like a regular FUE transplant. The plucked hairs have some stem cells clinging to the follicle root but not enough to grow. With the extra stem cells from the solution the plucked follicle would have a better chance to grow. The plucked hair from the donor site will grow back so there would be unlimited donor hair (except for the 200 FUE to make the hair multiplication solution)
  • HMorHT - 1. how many patients have been treated with hair multiplication using stem cells so far? Where are the before and after pictures?

    2. what is Dr. Nigam's background and credentials, how come I have never heard of his name before? How long has he been doing hair transplants?

    3. what is "Hair Activation" that I read on this link, what is the difference between Hair Activation and Hair Multiplication?

    4. how do you extract the 300 hair grafts? same as how they do it in FUE or do you plug the hair follicles?

  • StinkySmurf - Question about Hair multiplication induced regrowth. Back in 2006, Dr. Paul Kemp of Intercytex claimed to grow 66 new hairs using 100 injections, and in Aderans November presentation they describe a protocol of 10 injections per cm2 that grew 13 new hairs per cm2. Both of these pieces of information tell us HM will grow around 1 hair per injection.If my bald spot is 40 cm2:  With Aderans protocol, I receive 400 injections for an average of 520 new hairs.  With your protocol, I receive 20 injections for an average of X new hairs?

    What is X? The only hair count information we have to go on is your website which says you've seen growth of 30,000 new hairs on some patients.

    How do you explain the fact that you are growing so many more hairs with so few injections per cm2?

    Neversaynever - Question about hair multiplication photo documentation. If you are trying to improve, or experimenting with Hair Multiplication, then do you not need to document and photograph your patients? 500 is a huge number, it is very interesting that you don't have evidence.  So once again, for your own scientific purpose, do you not take photographs to see how well HM is working? ?

  • JJJ Jr. S - I think anyone who offers biofibers synthetic hair implants and personally undergoes a FUT procedure, while at the same time claiming to offer both hair multiplication and "hair doubling," is a charlatan.
  • GNX - Question about hair multiplication success rate. Dr. Nigam what is the best case scenario for a successful Hair Multiplication patient? What would great results compare to if you were comparing it to a number of successful grafts transplanted during a traditional FUE procedure?

    There is very little documentation as far as photos go so its hard to understand how successful HM really is even with the 50% who are successful.

    Stating that you have a 50% success rate is a bit ambiguous. What does that mean exactly when you say success? What are you comparing it against to claim a particular HM procedure as successful? Can you expound on that please?

  • Craig - Can you just tell me what exactly is DONOR DOUBLING? How does it work?
  • Mr. Z - I have a question regarding your hair transplant donor doubling technique. Based on what you wrote in your post, is it correct to say that for your duplication method you:
    1. take a follicle from the occipital region the scalp via FUE.
    2. This extracted follicle is stained with Hematoxylin/Eosin
    3. The follicle is then put under a light microscope and the stem cells are identified.
    4. This same follicle is then bisected and the two halves are either both put into the recipient or one half is put in the donor the other in the recipient.
    5. This process 1-4 is then repeated for as many follicles as the Dr and patient agree on beforehand?
    Is this a correct interpretation of your process?
    Thank you in advance

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