Q&A with Dr. Nigam about his stem cell hair multiplication procedure

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Dr. Nigam's Hair multiplication procedure is unproven with a lot of unknowns, this is for information purpose only in order for us to learn more about the legitimacy of his technique and is not an endorsement of the procedure by HairSite

Questions raised by HairSite's forum members:

StinkySmurf - Back in 2006, Dr. Paul Kemp of Intercytex claimed to grow 66 new hairs using 100 injections, and in Aderans November presentation they describe a protocol of 10 injections per cm2 that grew 13 new hairs per cm2. Both of these pieces of information tell us HM will grow around 1 hair per injection.If my bald spot is 40 cm2:  With Aderans protocol, I receive 400 injections for an average of 520 new hairs.  With your protocol, I receive 20 injections for an average of X new hairs?

What is X? The only hair count information we have to go on is your website which says you've seen growth of 30,000 new hairs on some patients.

How do you explain the fact that you are growing so many more hairs with so few injections per cm2?

Dr. Nigam - Good question,your question has an important clue to improve HM, future studies on HM will answer this. Let me explain, at present my protocol is concentrated 10ml HM stem cell solution on the bald patch. if the bald patch is more i.e NW6,7, than I dilute my solution ,so that I have more ml to inject, but as I dilute the solution, my concentration reduces, and hence the result. Kindly let me know, Aderans one injection is how much ml and approx. number of multiplied hair stem cell in one injection of Aderans. It is not the number of injections per sq cm, but the dose or number of multiplied stem cells which are important .Since last one week I have changed my protocol, for the same reason you mentioned. To get good number of stem cells after multiplication, we are now giving HM 2nd injection after 2 months, unless the patient desires otherwise, due to shortage of time, earlier. We don't end our treatment after injecting 2nd shot, but prefer injecting every month the inducing stem cell growth factors, extracellullar matrix and or PRP and if required repeat the HM 2 to 3times in the coming months. I cannot guarantee that after x amt of dose y amt of hair will come, because i don't know, some times the scalp is full of hair with same dose, sometimes no result.

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