Sure Hair Medical

hair transplant expert serving Toronto and other cities throughout Ontario, using advanced FUE and ARTAS robotic hair transplant techniques.

Toronto main surgical facility located at 2115 Finch Ave West, Suite #401, Toronto, ON M3N 2V6

Why Sure Hair Medical?

When it comes to hair restoration, EXPERIENCE is everything. Sure Hair's credentials are hard to come by in the world of hair transplantation. For almost 20 years and well over 3000 procedures and counting, Sure Hair Medical has been providing cutting edge hair restoration solutions to patients all over Canada and abroad.

At Sure Hair, every patient is given a unique and life changing experience from start to finish. Their team of dedicated medical professionals are committed to the highest standards in hair restoration and exceeding patient expectations. .  

Hair transplant surgeons and their medical team at Sure Hair  adopt a holistic approach to achieving the best possible results for every one of their patients, taking into consideration every individual's needs, goals and expectations.

According to the medical team at Sure Hair: “It is my belief that the transplant begins with our first consult and only ends when the results are fully grown in and the patient no longer feels that they need our support. My staff and I treat each patient with respect and we endeavor to make all patients comfortable both physically and emotionally”.

Since 1996, Sure Hair International is among one of the few in Canada who has been performing follicular unit hair transplants for their patients in order to achieve the most natural results. Sure Hair International has continually striven to introduce new and innovative techniques in order to stay ahead of the competition and offer their patients an experience that few can match.

Among some of these innovative techniques include: the stick and place technique for planting hair grafts which is a better method for planting follicular unit grafts, which the majority of other hair transplant clinics simply do not practice.

in addition, trichophytic donor closure is another advanced technique that is available at Sure Hair. This technique provides a more natural donor closure that allows your hairs to grow through the donor incision which makes for a virtually undetectable donor area. This is a highly advanced donor closure technique that produces a donor site with near invisible scarring.

The “gentle-touch” technique for administering anesthesia that is virtually painless, and finally a seamless and undetectable method for creating perfectly natural hairlines.

Quite often, even the staff at Sure Hair has a difficult time telling the difference between a natural hairline and one that was created by Surehair.

As part of their overall commitment to quality, all procedures are supervised by Sure Hair's medical doctors to ensure that each transplant is custom designed to serve the patient's needs, both in the short term and the long term. The end result is an ultra-refined hair transplant that is tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

Prior to all surgical procedures, the doctor will discuss in great detail all aspects of the surgery, as well as address any questions or concerns which the client may have.