Gujrat Hair Transplant GHT

Founded by Dr. M. Jawad Chaudhry, GHT's surgical clinic is located at Rehman Shaheed Road Opposite Service Industry, Gujrat-50700, in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

Gujrat Hair Transplant (GHT) center is a Pakistani hair restoration clinic currently featured on HairSite.

Gujrat is a city in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. It is the capital of Gujrat District and the Gujrat Tehsil subdivision in the Punjab Province. Gujrat is also known as the city of King Porus. Panjab is the most developed and populous province of Pakistan with approximately 56% of the country's total population.

Given it's sheer size and with a population of close to 100 million people in the province, demand for hair restoration in the region is very high. Over the years, under the leadership and supervision of British trained Dr. Jawad Chaudhry, GHT has established itself as one of the premiere hair transplant clinics in Punjab as well as all over Pakistan.

The mission to offer the world's most advanced hair restoration techniques such as Follicular Unit Extract (FUE), FUE Plus, Body Hair Transplant (BHT), and the No Touch Technique has not only attracted patients from all over Pakistan, but also from around the world as far as countries such as Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and more.

GHT surgery center is dedicated to hair restoration for men and women and addresses patient's comfort, safety and privacy like no other practice in the region can, with fully equipped state of the art instruments as well as backup electrical power systems. The convenience, safety comfort and privacy of the patient is always #1 priority at GHT. Patients can be rest assured that they are receiving quality hair transplant procedures performed by a dedicated team of professionals.

Equally important is that the price of a hair transplant procedure at GHT is only a fraction of what most people have to pay in other countries. When it comes to hair transplant, there isn't always a correlation between the price and the quality. This is why medical tourism has become such a huge business in recent years when countless patients from countries such as US, UK and Europe travel to Asia for quality treatments at an affordable price.