FUE Hair Transplant Scar
new advances to reduce or eliminate appearance of commonly cited white dots scarring associated with traditional or badly performed FUE hair transplants.

Scar Free FUE?

Traditionally FUE has been associated with white dot scarring. There are a few factors that contribute to white dots in FUE donor site:

Size of a punch – Rule of the thumb is, bigger the punch the more chances of visible scarring.

The depth of the punch – The deeper the punch the chances of scarring increases exponentially.

Surface area used for extraction – It is important that the surgeon uses all of the permanent zone for extraction and makes sure that the punches are not placed too close to each other. If this happens there is a chance of necrosis of neighbouring follicular units which in turn leads to wastage of the donor area and that makes the scarring visible, hence defeating the purpose of scar free transplant. With the evolution of 3G FUE scar free transplants have become a reality.

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