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Hair Transplant Ultra Dense Packing
hair restoration techniques that can make dense packing a possibility for those desiring the maximum hair density especially along the hairline and frontal areas.


norwood 4, 2619 grafts in a single session

top view

Ultra Dense Packing

Ultra dense packing has been a controversial subject among the medical fraternity for various reasons. On the positive side, ultra dense packing can help achieve natural density in one session, limiting morbidity and saving a lot and money of time for the client.

On the negative side, there are concerns with donor depletion, limiting availability for future sessions and also the practical aspects of the procedure can be very challenging. Besides this, there is the misconception about poor uptake with ultra dense packing.

There are some issues that are addressed with the development of the 3G technique. We have known for years that more hair per graft (chunky grafts) yields better density than placing a lot of fine grafts. Let’s compare this concept to a garden. If you have a similar sized garden, you can either try to populate it with a lot of twigs, risking poor uptake or use a few twigs and plenty of trees to achieve respectable coverage.

A close inspection of the donor area reveals that there is a mixture of grafts of different sizes, namely two’s, three’s and four and five hair grafts. This mix makes the donor area look very dense and also very natural. Now if we apply a similar concept to the recipient area, there is no reason why this cannot be achieved.

However, there are a few technical issues associated with the recipient area that makes ultra dense packing a bit challenging. Firstly bald skin is exposed to sunlight and there are always issues with chronic sun exposure that makes the skin a bit harder than hair bearing skin. Secondly bleeding is more of an issue with the recipient area causing flushing away of grafts.

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