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Top 10 Hair Transplant Questions

Top 10 Hair Transplant Questions
Top 10 Hair Transplant Questions

Top 10 Hair Transplant Questions You Need to Ask

When done correctly, hair transplant is the best treatment that can produce hair in previously bald areas. It is your own natural growing hair. No drugs, no wigs or hair pieces. The treatment is generally suitable for most men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. However, it is important that you ask some intelligent questions before making a decision about hair transplant.

Here we present to our readers our Top 10 Hair Transplant Questions every patient should ask before committing to a procedure.

Are You Too Young?

Considering hair transplant? First off, how old are you? While the hair transplant before and after photos you see on the internet look appealing, not every person is a good candidate for the treatment. Most doctors, well the ethical ones at least, do not take on patients who are too young. Generally speaking, people in their thirties, forties or older are the best candidates for hair transplant treatment. The reason is that hair loss among men in these age groups have more or less stablized and future progression of hair loss is more predicatable. This will greatly assist the doctor in creating a hair transplant design that can last for years and even decades without requiring unnecessary touch-up sessions down the road.

That being said, there are indeed doctors who do not mind pushing patients in their twenties to proceed with a hair transplant even though it is not in the patient's best interest. Hair loss progresses the most rapidly for men in their twenties and early thirties. Getting a hair transplant too early in life will mean more touch up and repair sessions as the patient continues to lose his native hair rapidly soon after his first treatment.

What Hair Transplant Technique? 

Ask your doctor which hair transplant treatment technique he will be using on you. The 2 most commonly adopted hair transplant techniques are: FUE and FUT. The actual protocol and outcome can be quite different under either technique so be sure to know your goals and objectives and choose the technique wisely. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extract and FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. FUT is sometimes referred to as STRIP technique because this technique typically leaves a linear strip scar in the back of the patient's head. There are advantages and disadvantages to both techniques. It is important that you speak to a doctor who can explain the difference for you in detail and offer you a honest unbiased recommendation as to which technique is more suitable for your goals.

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Multiple Hair Transplant Sessions ?

Do you know that for most people 1 hair transplant session is rarely enough? Do you know that once you have started the hair transplant journey,  you will very likely need multiple hair transplant sessions in your lifetime. If this is a concern for you, then you will need to plan your hair transplant design very differently. There are indeed things you can do to minimize the number of hair transplant sessions you may need in your lifetime. Discuss with an experienced hair transplant doctor and he can work out a viable strategy with your objectives in mind.

Taking Time off for Hair Transplant?

How much time off do you need to take from work? Even though hair transplant is an out patient procedure, you should still schedule sufficient time off from work after the surgery. Hair transplant post op healing can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the number of grafts and hair transplant technique. Generally speaking, post op healing for FUT strip hair transplant procedures will take longer than FUE procedures. Technically, you can resume most daily routines a couple days after hair surgery. But the scabs in the hair transplant recipient site do take at least a couple weeks before they fall out.

How to Find the Right Hair Transplant Doctor?

There is not one doctor who is the best for every patient. Every doctor has something different to offer. Some may be good at hairline design, others are better at producing the best yield or preserving the donor site etc. So how do you find the right hair tranpslant doctor for your needs? As a start, focus on doctors who are able to produce consistent results over an extended period of time. A good starting point is our hair transplant patient statistics rankings page for doctors or clinics around the world. Click hair restoration doctors directory to see their rankings based on number of successful hair transplant patient results posted in our open forum community.

What Are You Paying For? Hair or Graft?

This may seem obvious to some but a lot of people are indeed unfamiliar with the fact that some hair transplant clinics charge their patients based on number of grafts transplanted while other clinics charge based on number of hairs. Remember, a hair is not the same as a graft. A graft can contain anywhere from 1 to 3 hairs. Ask your hair transplant clinic to clarify whether they are charging by the hair or by graft. For example, DHI Global in Greece and London is a hair transplant clinic that charges based on number of hairs transplanted, not grafts.

Travel or local ?

Is it worth traveling out of town or even overseas for your hair transplant procedure? Nowadays a lot of people are traveling to India or Turkey to have hair transplant procedures done. Are the prices in India and Turkey so attractive that make it worthwhile to take the trip? To put it simply, if you are traveling out of town or overseas for a hair transplant doctor who does really good work for what you need, then it is definitely worth it. But on the other hand if you are traveling overseas in order to save money with an affordable hair clinic, then please think twice.

Who's Doing the Work: Doctor or Technician?

Ask who is performing the hair transplant procedure on you, doctor or technician? Yes, it may seem shocking but the truth is that the vast majortiy of hair transplant procedures in the world are performed by someone who is not a medical doctor, ie: a technician. A doctor may be there to supervise or monitor the process but more often than not, it is the technician who rolls up his sleeves and does the bulk of the surgical procedure.  If you want a medical doctor to do the bulk of the hair transplant surgical work on you, you need to go to Dr. Ray Woods hair transplant in Sydney Australia as he is presently the only hair transplant doctor we know of who does the bulk of the surgical work himself.

Do You Tell Your Friends or Families about your Hair Transplant?

This is an uneasy decision every hair transplant patient must make. Do you tell your friends, families, co-workers about your hair transplant? There is no right answer. Only you know the dynamics you have with people around you. The trend is that hair transplant has become very common nowadays so really it is not a big deal whether people around you know about this or not. Nonetheless, it can be an agonizing decision for hair transplant patient.

Price vs Quality?

Last and final question: is there a correlation between hair transplant price vs hair transplant quality? Does an expensive hair transplant necessarily produce better results? The answer is NO. However, that is not to say that you should rush off to find the least expensive hair surgery clinic. Every doctor has something different to offer. You need to find a doctor who is the most experienced in delivery the kind of hair restoration results you want. Do not base your decision on pricing or cost alone.

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Top 10 hair transplant questions
Top 10 Hair Transplant Questions