CIT Cole Isolation Technique

CIT is Dr. Cole's version of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) available at his main surgical clinic located at 1070 Powers Pl, Alpharetta, GA 30009 in the U.S.

Dr. Cole Follicular Unit Extraction using CIT

Dr. Cole is the inventor of CIT or Cole Isolation Technique. It is a form of FUE procedure that focuses on isolating one follicular unit at a time in the hair transplantation process. At the time when this profile is published, Dr. Cole is the only doctor in the U.S offering this proprietary version of FUE and is also the top ranked FUE hair transplant doctor in the US according to our patient statistics. Dr. Cole has published more FUE results in our open forum than any other doctors in the country, this is no small accomplishment.

As with FUE, CIT offers the same benefits that make this technique a most sought after alternative to traditional strip harvesting procedure in hair restoration. When donor follicles are extracted and moved one follicular unit at a time, it makes the process a lot less invasive for the patient and the donor site many times more pristine. Healing time is faster and above all, when performed correctly under the hands of a skilled surgeon, this technique allows the patient to wear his hair short without having to worry about a linear strip scar across the back of his head.

Today, the term FUE and CIT are used interchangeably as if they are the exact same technique.

With all these overwhelming benefits, it is not difficult to understand why many hair loss sufferers are intrigued by this new technique in hair transplantation. As a matter of fact, Dr. Cole has produced many hair transplant "celebrities" in our open community. These are individuals who were at one point losing their hair just like most of us, but accomplished a so called "celebrity" status in our community and also all over the internet because of the amazing transformation after their hair transplant procedures with Dr. Cole.

Below are some of the before and after pictures of Wassup, one of the most famous posters in our forum who have achieved "celebrity" status after his hair restoration procedure with Dr. Cole.

Click Dr. Cole hair transplant patient Wassup for more case details.

Results vary from patient to patient, there is no guarantee the same result can be duplicated for every person. Also, hair transplant is a surgical procedure and comes with certain risks. Please consult your own doctor and speak to as many doctors and physicians as possible before making a decision. Dr. Cole is a sponsoring physician of HairSite at the time when this is published.

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