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Dr. Cole Body Hair Transplant BHT

offered by Dr. John Cole at his Atlanta hair restoration clinic located at 1070 Powers Pl, Alpharetta, GA 30009 in the U.S

Dr. John Cole, award winning hair restoration surgeon

Shortly after the birth of FUE technique in hair transplantation, a new and equally groundbreaking technique came along and that is BHT or body hair transplant.

FUE makes it possible to extract donor follicles from body parts such as chest, legs, arms and even from the face. This can never be accomplished using strip technique without leaving a tremendous amount of scars on the patient.

Dr. Cole is among the world's pioneers in advancing the use of body hair as donor. This technique is particularly useful for people with insufficient or depleted donor hair from the back of their head. Very often, patients went to the wrong hair transplant doctors who severely decimated their donor supply, and these victims have no hope of ever regaining some normalcy in their lives given the fact that there is nothing they can use as donor to repair the scars or problem areas left behind from prior procedures.

The fate of many of these hair transplant victims changed when doctors discovered that body hair can be a viable source of donor follicles too under these circumstances.

Nowadays, in order to stay competitive, many doctors and clinics claim they offer FUE and BHT just to entice more people to walk through the door. But in reality, there are very few truly experienced FUE and BHT doctors in the world. FUE is a very labor intensive technique and requires a lot of skill and experience to do well. Body hair transplant is even more difficult to perform than conventional FUE because the doctor is extracting the donor from extremely soft tissue, ie our body parts such as legs, chest etc. Very often, a large amount of the donor follicles will be transected or destroyed if the extraction process is not done properly, there is little margin for error.

When choosing a FUE or BHT hair transplant doctor, it is very important that the patient chooses someone who has been offering these techniques for a long time and be able to produce consistent results over and extended period of time.

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