Hair Transplant Guide - Asia

With a surface area of over 44 million sq km and 4.4 billion in  population, Asia is the largest and most heavily populated continent in world.  Asia has long been the growth engine of the world for the past 3 decades and it is likely that such a trend will continue into the future as the vast majority of people in Asia are being pulled into middle class.  The largest countries in Asia are notably China and India each has over 1 billion residents.

Thanks to its booming population and economy, hair restoration is big business in Asia and advances in hair treatment technologies is no less sophisticated than their western counterparts in the developed countries. As a matter of fact, Hairsite's Overall Top Ranked #1 hair clinic in the world is crowned to Dr. Arvind Poswal's hair clinic in India for their impressive accomplishment of posting the most number of successful hair transplant patient results in our community forum than any other doctor or clinic in the world.  At the time when this article is published, Dr. A's clinic has an impressive 508 successful results and over 11 years of uninterrupted patient records in our database.

One must be aware that the quality of hair transplant procedures can vary greatly from one clinic to the next in Asia, it is very important that you do very thorough research before committing to any one doctor or clinic.

The development of new hair restoration technologies is also expedited greatly thanks to collaboration between Asian clinics and their peers in the US.

Recently, Dr. John Cole met with hair restoration surgeons in China. The goal is to establish a professional hair transplant center that offers economical CIT or FUE hair transplant procedures to men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. The upcoming surgical clinic will be headed by a team of hair restoration surgeons led and trained by Dr. Cole himself.

Dr. Cole has already setup a clinic that offers CIT (Cole Isolation Technique) or FUE in Korea. The purpose of offering CIT in Asia is to educate other hair transplant doctors to produce excellent results with the minimally invasive procedure. The operation in Korea is part of Dr. Cole's efforts to provide quality hair transplant surgery to all individuals in Asia.

John P. Cole, MD is the medical director and founder of the International Hair Transplant Institute (IHTI). He is the first doctor in the U.S who offers scalpel free FUE (follicular unit extraction) and BHT (body hair transplant) techniques on a routine basis to his patients. The advantages of FUE hair transplantation is that the procedure does not require knife, scalpel, stitches and leaves no visible scarring in the patient's donor site.

Dr. Cole is one of the top ranked surgeons on HairSite and he also published many peer reviewed articles on hair transplantation over the years. In addition, he is also widely recognized for being the most versatile doctor when it comes to hairline design, constantly praised for his ability to create very dramatic improvement without using a lot of donor follicles.

Founded by Dr. Cole, the IHTI is a well known surgical hair transplant team trained by Dr. Cole himself. The group has over 22 years of combined experience in treating hair loss consisting of physicians from around the world. Many physicians from Dr. Cole's hair transplant clinic serve as members of the International Society of Hair Restorations Surgery, The American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, The European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, and the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.