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Hair Transplant Cost Turkey 2019

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey 2019
Hair Transplant Cost Turkey 2019

Hair Transplant Cost Considerations

When done properly under the hands of an experienced doctor, hair transplant is the most effective treatment for hair loss. It is the only option that can create a cosmetically acceptable improvement in coverage for both men and women using your own natural growing hair. No wigs, no medications.

We have probably mentioned this a hundred times already on HairSite but it is worth repeating. At HairSite we always stress that hair transplant is a life long investment and as such, QUALITY comes first. It is in your best interest to find a good doctor and to do it right the first time. Do not choose a clinic based on hair transplant cost alone. Yet, over the years we have seen countless people lured by clinics offering hair transplants at minimal cost, and unfortunately many were left with a lifetime of undesirable results and ended up having to spend a lot more in corrective procedures to undo the damages caused by inexperienced clinics.

That being said, there is no correlation between hair transplant cost and quality. An inexpensive hair transplant procedure does not necessarily mean that the quality will be poor, and paying a lot for a hair transplant procedure does not necessarily mean that the results will be stellar either. The key is really to do your research and find a clinic that is able to produce consistent results over an extended period of time. Sadly, this is not what most people want to hear. People nowadays make their hair transplant decisions as if they are shopping for groceries, they want it fast, and they want it cheap.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey 2019 Update

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to hair transplant, the biggest deciding factor for most people is indeed HAIR TRANSPLANT COST. Turkey has become the hot spot for FUE hair transplant in recent years so here we look at trending hair transplant cost in Turkey and neighboring countries in 2019 for some of the popular FUE destination clinics.

Please note that hair transplant prices in Turkey do subject to change at the respective clinic's discretion and what we are covering here is purely based on our research at the time of compilation, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information presented here. Please contact the hair transplant clinic in Turkey directly for the most accurate pricing details.

By the way, all hair transplant clinics in Turkey have English speaking staff, so please don't even bother to ask if the hair transplant cost you are being quoted includes a translator or not. Similarly, ground transportation to and from airport, hotel, and clinic is also included in the hair transplant cost.

Also, please note that the majority of the hair transplant clinics in Turkey only offer FUE; Turkey will not be your choice destination for strip hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey - Dr. Koray Erdogan - ASMED, Istanbul

hair transplant cost turkey dr koray erdogan Istanbul
Dr. Koray Erdogan - ASMED - Hair Transplant Cost - Istanbul

ASMED hair transplant clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Koray Erdogan is the founder of the clinic.  ASMED is presently the Top Ranked #1 hair transplant clinic in Turkey according to our statistics based on number of patient results published, famous for their artistic skills and hairline design.

The price for manual FUE at ASMED is 2.5 EURO per FUE graft. The price is inclusive of 2 - 3 nights of accommodation in the clinic’s suite or at Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Asia, a 5-star hotel according to ASMED. Breakfast and lunch included.

At this point, ASMED only offers FUE hair transplant. Body hair transplant that uses body or beard grafts as donor is not available to patients.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey - Dr. Hakan Doganay - AHD, Antalya

hair transplant cost turkey dr hakan doganay antalya
Hair Transplant Cost Antalya, Turkey - Dr. Hakan Doganay

AHD hair transplant clinic is located in Antalya, Turkey. Dr. Hakan Doganay is the founder of the clinic. AHD is the second highest ranked Turkish clinic on HairSite based on number of patient results published in our forum.

Unlike ASMED that only offers FUE technique using scalp donor, AHD also offers Body Hair Transplant (BHT) using beard or body grafts as donor.

The price per graft for machine operated scalp FUE is 2.0 Euro, manual FUE is 2.5 Euro, hair transplant using body or beard donor is also 2.5 Euro. Repair procedure is 500 Euro per session. The price includes 2-3 nights accommodation at the hospital where the procedure is performed.

Dr. Hakan does all implantation part by himself. Donor extraction is done by technicians.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey - Cosmedica, Istanbul

hair transplant cost turkey 2019 Dr acar cosmedica istanbul
Dr. Acar - Cosmedica - Hair Transplant Cost Turkey 2019 - Istanbul

Cosmedica hair transplant clinic is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Acar is the founder of Cosmedica. Cosmedica deviates from the typical hair transplant pricing scheme of price per graft. Instead, Cosmedica is the only Turkish clinic in our survey that quotes patients a flat rate for FUE hair transplant.

Pricing is based on 3 flat rate packages. Gold package 2,100 Euro; Gold Plus 2,490 Euro and VIP package 3,490 Euro. The biggest difference between Gold and Gold Plus is that under Gold Plus, patients get 3 nights of accommodation (instead of 2), needle free anesthesia as well as 6 months of after care products. VIP package will offer all the benefits of the Gold Plus package as well as the luxury of having Dr. Acar himself personally prepare the recipient site for the patient.

According to Cosmedica, patients should expect to get approximately 4000-5000 grafts in one session regardless of which package they choose.

Hair Transplant Cost 2019 - BEYOND Turkey

As fast as Turkey has risen to become the choice destination for FUE procedures in recent years, it is also rapidly losing its appeal lately thanks to competing clinics in neighboring countries that offer equally competitive prices as well as world class quality in hair transplants.

For example, both Greece and Cyprus have recently emerged to become the most sought after alternatives to Turkey as a FUE destination.

Besides competing on price and quality, countries such as Greece and Cyprus also offer the added advantage of political stability where tourists can feel safe and secure from being caught up in civil unrest or a terrorist attack during their visit.

As a matter of fact, The U.S. Department of State has issued a travel advisory in Feb 2019 asking people to reconsider traveling to Turkey due to terrorism and arbitrary detentions.

"Terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting tourist locations, transportation hubs ... Security forces have detained tens of thousands of individuals, including U.S. citizens, for alleged affiliations with terrorist organizations based on scant or secret evidence and grounds that appear to be politically motivated. U.S. citizens have also been subject to travel bans that prevent them from departing Turkey", the warning says.

Here we offer two alternative FUE hair transplant destinations besides Turkey that are worth considering - Greece and Cyprus, both are only about an hour away from Turkey by air.

Hair Transplant Cost - HDC, Cyprus

HDC Hair Transplant Cost - Cyprus
HDC Hair Transplant Cost - Cyprus

HDC is based in Cyprus just a short distance south of Turkey. It is arguably the most under-rated FUE hair transplant clinic in the world. HDC has solid reputation on HairSite and is presently the No 1, Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in Europe according to our patient result statistics and also Top 5 overall worldwide with over 170 published results and well over 15 years of uninterrupted patient records.

At HDC, the price is 2.95 Euro per FUE graft and 3.50 Euro per graft for BHT (body hair transplant) using body or beard hairs as donor. Accommodation included.

Hair Transplant Cost - Bisanga-Cole, Athens, Greece

Bisanga-Cole Hair Transplant Cost - Athens Greece
Bisanga-Cole Hair Transplant Cost - Athens Greece

The biggest news in 2019 for budget conscious FUE patients is none other than the opening of Bisanga Cole Hair Transplant clinic in Athens, Greece. founded by two heavy weight in the hair transplant industry (Dr. John Cole & Dr. Christian Bisanga). BC Hair Transplant is set to forever change the landscape in affordable FUE hair transplants.

Founder of the 2nd highest ranked FUE clinic in the US, Dr. Cole is widely respected as one of the world's pioneers in FUE hair transplants as well as other cutting edge hair restoration techniques including Body Hair Transplant and No-Shave FUE techniques to name a few. Dr. Cole is one of the first worldwide to use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) theray for hair restoration and also among the first in the world to include Acell cell regeneration matrix in hair transplantation.

The new BC Hair Clinic in Greece will be subject to the same high standards as Dr. Cole's FUE hair transplant practice in the US.

The price per graft will be at an incredibly competitive rate of 2.50 Euro for both FUE and BHT (body hair transplnat).

FUE Hair Transplant Cost Turkey 2019 - CONFUSED?

Confused? Our hair transplant cost Turkey 2019 cost comparison chart below may help


  • Results on HairSite (*)
  • Flat Rate?
  • FUE-price/graft
  • BHT-price/graft
  • Accommodation

(*) # of patient results published in HairSite open forum
(**) Dr. Bisanga & Dr. Cole total published results combined