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Hair Transplant Training

Hair Transplant Training
Hair Transplant Training

Hair transplant training information page. This is the central depository for courses, seminars, conferences and continuing education for doctors and physicians worldwide.

Hair restoration is one of the fastest growing disciplines in cosmetic surgery. Virtually all men and women will experience some form of hair loss at some point in their lives. This is a great opportunity to start a rewarding career in hair restoration.

Hair Transplant Training Worldwide Network

Here at HairSite, we have established a worldwide network with some of the world's most celebrated names in hair transplant restoration. We are constantly working with doctors and clinics worldwide to promote their latest training programs and curriculum to help educate the next generation in hair restoration specialists.

Even existing hair transplant practitioners benefit greatly from the programs we promote as a way to fulful their continuing professional development obligation as medical doctors.

Advanced Hair Restoration Training

The field of hair restoration is expanding at an extremely rapid pace in recent years. Among some of the most sought after training courses and programs include:

  • FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant;
  • BHT or body hair transplant;
  • Facial hair transplant to restore moustaches, beard and goatees for men;
  • Eyebrow and eyelash restoration;
  • SMP or Scalp Micro Pigmentation;
  • FUT follicular unit transplant;
  • Hair transplant Trichophytic closure technique;
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair therapy;
  • Stem cell or cell based hair restoration trial protocols;

Hair Transplant Training Events Calendar

Here we compile the latest training, seminar or events calendar from around the world. You will see some of the biggest names in the industry and details on how to enroll in one of their training programs.

ihrp hair conference vancouverIHRP Hair Restoration Conference Vancouver, Canada

scalp micro pigmentation india
Dr. A - Acadeny of Hair Transplant, Delhi & Mumbai India

dr cole ishrs conferenceDr. Cole hair transplant instruments & physician training

asmed hair transplant education coursesAsmed hair transplant continuing education for professionals, Turkey